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Review of The Highway Code to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. Click here to have your say by completing the online form.

  Photocard licence extension - expiring between 1/2/2020 and 31/8/ here for more infomation.

MOT due on or after 1 August 2020

Your MOT certificate will not be extended if your vehicle’s MOT expires on or after 1 August 2020. You must book an MOT as usual.

MOT centres are open now for you to get an MOT.

You can get an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep the same renewal date.

Click here for more information.

  Open letter of thanks to members from Tony Greenidge, CEO (Interim) - click here.
  Coronavirus update: How to keep your car healthy during lockdown... click here.
  Coronavirus update: Drivers warned that their insurance could be at risk - see here for more information.
  Coronavirus update: Following advice from IAM RoadSmart, we are suspending all observed runs for Associates, and all Meetings and Social gatherings until further advice. Our Chairman, Secretary and Chief Observer have agreed this action, which will also include re-qualification of Local and National Observers, LOAs and Masters coaching etc. Future tests and assessments are suspended. Where an Associate's IAM membership expires, it will be extended, free of charge, for up to six months.
  Road Safety GB Survey 2020 - click here to spend 5 minutes sharing your current views on road safety.
  The Highway Code - get the latest updates, 2015 onwards - click here
  Speed limit changes on 17th October 2019, for the Forder Valley area - click here for more information.
  Is your vehicle ready for the road? 'click here' for POWDERY checks.
  Following on from our September Group Meeting, where Cllr. Mark Coker gave a presentation about the Forder Valley Improvements, this is the link for more information and the short video.
 'Click here' for Forder Valley Link Road,
 'Click here' for other road improvement schemes in and around Plymouth.

Share the IAM RoadSmart video on driver assistance technology​​​​​​​...

Do you know anyone who finds driver assistance technology in cars confusing? Our new video, featuring IAM RoadSmart’s Rebecca Ashton and Tim Shallcross, which is designed for a non-advanced driver audience, offers tips and guidance that they may find helpful. 'Click here'.

  Latest information about Parking Charge Notices from the RAC - click here.

Don’t be fuel-ish! Tips from IAM RoadSmart - click here for more...

  An L of a task? Supervising a provisional driving licence holder - click here for all the info.
  It's a swan's life... latest from IAMRoadSmart; any of us could encounter this, would we know what to do? click here to find out.
  IPSGA video from IAMRoadSmart. Click here.
  Gdynia Way (Plymouth) - 'Plymouth Live' reports that additional cameras have been installed along Gdynia Way. They are operational both day and night. The new LED box system is fitted 20 yards in front of the cameras, facing oncoming traffic. The new technology can detect if a driver or passengar isn't wearing a seatbelt and if the driver is on their mobile phone. It is also reported that the system can detect if the driver is eating, drinking or smoking. There are similar cameras in Elburton Road.
  Avoid scams that appear to be from the DVLA - click here.
  How have cars changed in the past century? - click here for more info.

Pothole mania:- one in two IAM RoadSmart members have experienced damage due to potholes, says new survey, click here for more info.

  Five tips to keeping your little ones safe - click here for more infromation.
The Highway Code: rule change for motorways

From Monday 4 June 2018, you'll start to see learner drivers on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales.

Rule 253 of The Highway Code has been updated to make it clear that learner drivers can now drive on the motorway with an approved driving instructor in a car with dual controls. 

Find out more about learner drivers taking motorway lessons

  5 things you need to know before taking 'Learners' onto the motorway. Click here

Special Roads - Some A roads or sections of A roads are classed as 'special roads'. This means that certain types of road user are not allowed to use them.

Traffic signs show which road users cannot use them. There are some special roads that do not allow learner drivers on them.

The change in law does not extend to special roads. So, if a traffic sign shows that learner drivers are not allowed on a road, this still applies from 4 June 2018.

Check with the highways authority who operates the road if you're in any doubt.

  A checklist to towing a trailer safely - latest from IAM RoadSmart and National Trailer & Towing Association
  Check for a safety recall before buying a new car -  click here.
  'The Complete Resource for Young & First Time Drivers in the UK', anothe guide from Daren Felton. It offers a lot of information for young, new drivers, such as how to maintain a car, basics of insurance and road tax, and helpful tips to help them further improve their driving skills.
  10 mistakes that could invalidate your car insurance in a second
  'The Dangers of using a Mobile Phone behind the Wheel' - a useful guide from Daren Felton.
  DfT Think campaign - Vehicle Safety Checks. THINK! web site - information about what to check on your vehicle before setting off on a journey. Click here for more information & 8 page booklet.
  Dead? or Dead Slow - British Horse Society (BHS) campaign to improve road safety between vehicles and horses. Find out how to deal with these encounters. Please see 'You Tube' video at and visit the BHS web site at for more information.
  Blue Light Aware - see the video so that you know what to do when encountering Emergency Vehicles. Part of this video was filmed on the A388 between Carkeel and Hatt. There are also two training videos that are worth viewing, but please don't try this in your car! Blue Light Training Video 1, Blue Light Training Video 2. (
  Driver First Assist - would you know what to do at an RTC? - click here to find out.
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